Brought up in country Victoria in the town of Stawell. 

Fascinated by circuses that came to town. 

Had my very own circus at the age of nine. 

It travelled in the house from room to room.

The model circus tent I made was a replica of a life

size one, and went up and down just like a real one.



1950's    1960's     1970's    1980's    1990's    2000    2003     2004    2005



When not in school, played games in the backyard conjuring up an 

imaginative world of entertainment.


Loved inventing characters by dreaming up, and making up!


Tied a rope between trees and began to walk on it.


Learned to juggle lemons off our tree.


Gave a constant puppet show to my bed ridden Grandma and in between playing 

Cowboys and Indians staged magic shows in dad's tool shed for neighbouring kids.


Loved watching my dad play and march in the Stawell Brass Band.


Did not have TV until 1963


Acted in school productions. 


Played tenor horn in the Stawell Salvation Army band.


Went to Stawell Technical School. Wasn't interested in football, cricket or tennis but 

somehow found myself in the athletic team as a sprinter. Was interested in gymnastics, 

but the school didn't teach it. Was interested in drama, but the town did not have a theatre

company and the school only read from Macbeth.


While at school, specialised in art, then left for the city after year 11. 


Began work in Melbourne learning the trades of ticket writing and 

silk screening at Woolworths, but the love of the circus grew stronger.


Joined Ashton's Circus in 1969. Helped put up and down the tent. 

Ushered people to their seats and while sweeping the seats learned to balance a broom on my chin.

Painted signs on the trucks and continued to practice on Mervyn Ashton's slack wire.



                              1970's                             Top 



       Left the circus, and joined the display staff at Walton's Department store (Melbourne).


 Learned how to carry ladders, staple guns, pins, props and how to paint scenery.


Continued to practice my skills and performed at friends' barbeques etc.


Character 'Clown' was born and performed in that role throughout the seventies.


Began performing for youth outreach organisations at agricultural shows etc.


At night acted in amateur plays and roamed the streets in a production of 'West Side Story'.


Worked at a boys home for young offenders. Got tired of guarding them and wrote my first

production involving the boys and teachers from the special school they attended.


Lived a simple lifestyle, not much money, did some cleaning, wore a peace sign

around my neck, and voluntarily worked with people on the streets. 


Wrote a pantomime involving people from the Carlton housing estate 

and others drifting past at the time.


Couldn't keep up with the rent, so decided for the first time to charge for my performances. 

It was then I realised I had a professional career ahead of me.


Co-wrote and directed a show about a circus, featuring creatures of the imagination. 

Designed and made all characters, spending late nights surrounded by paper mache. 

This production was staged at Melbourne's Moomba Festival, plus suburban and country centres.


Toured Australia for the International Year of the Child staging performances at 

schools and a one man theatre show for the public.


Character 'Clown' steps aside to make way for new character 'Deip'.



                                    1980's                              Top



Toured as support act to an English rock singer Garth Hewitt.

Characters 'Pedro Di Grigio', 'Petrina Grayoski' and 'Pet Punk' appear.


Developed more circus skills such as hoop whirling, ribbon twirling, 

rola bola balancing and uni-cycling.


Appeared on several occasions at Melbourne's 'Catch A Rising Star' Theatre Restaurant.


Led bands such as the 3rd Military District Band and the Royal Australian Navy Band as 

a comical drum major in various parades including Melbourne's Moomba Festival.


Character 'Angelo' marches into my life.


 Made guest appearances on Australian television's 'Young Talent Time'.


Worked with housing estate kids in Mayfield, Launceston Tasmania. 

Taught them circus skills and presented them in a circus show for their families and friends.


Played the 'white faced clown' in the stage musical 'Barnum' starring Reg Livermore. 

This was presented by Edgley International, The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust 
and the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust.


Worked regularly at Melbourne's Theatre Restaurant Rembrandts in 

numerous cabaret shows presenting several different characters and routines. 

One routine was 'The Wild Creature' creating a juggling act with a difference!


Performed for the Victorian Ministry for the Arts under choreographer Betty Pounder's direction.


Made guest appearances on Australian television's 'The Daryl Somers Show'.


Performed a solo show in the George Fairfax Studio, Victorian Arts Centre.


Read books on, and experimented with the art of special effect make-up.


 Toured parts of Australia for the International Year of the Youth as circus trainer for an innovative

theatre production written by Australian writer Scott Rankin. During this tour understudied the role

of an old man played by Australian comedian and actor Glynn Nicholas. Had the chance to

perform this role leading to the introduction of my old man character 'Nelligan'.


Co-wrote with Scott Rankin the production 'Curiosity Thrilled The Bat!' involving street kids. 

This production successfully mixed the art forms of circus and theatre together and was staged 

at the Royal Melbourne Show and Arts Festivals.


Performed the slack wire act as part of the 'King Of Moomba' variety show featuring 
Rolf Harris at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne.


Performed with the Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra in comical routines 

presenting amongst many things, a spoon solo.


Got my first portable self-supporting slackwire designed and created 
for World Expo by friend Josh Scott.


Performed at Brisbane's World Expo as the only solo artist engaged for the entire six months.

Performed different characters and routines as well as sharing the stage with other acts from 

all over the world. It was here where 'Nelligan' made his debut and 'Angelo' met the 

World Expo Pep Band, which later became the 'The Itchy Feet Pep Band'.


Created a show for The Victorian Arts Centre country schools program entitled 

'Train of Thoughts'. Suitable for Primary and Secondary schools.



                                    1990's                              Top



Began touring the school production of 'Train of Thoughts' under the 

management of Nexus Arts to all states of Australia.


Since Brisbane's World Expo, have been drum major, choreographer, and artistic consultant

with the comedy marching band 'The Itchy Feet Pep Band'. Over the years the band has

performed extensively at festival and corporate events as well as several interstate trips 

including the Perth and Sydney Royal Shows.


Toured the Northern Territory for the Arts Council in a show featuring 

two other performers, magician Tim Ellis and clown Christof!!


Experimenting and exploring in the field of video production.


Completed a short course in video production at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.


Video documented, including camera and editing the Theatre Company 'Rip and Tear' in 

Burnie Tasmania from rehearsals to the actual production in Canberra 

as part of the Australian Drama Festival. This project was unique as it 

practically demonstrated the Arts at work by incorporating young offenders as 

actors giving them the opportunity for expression and self development etc.


More schools, corporate functions, cabaret, and theatre.


Visited Keilor Heights Primary School (Melb) as Artist in Residence. Created an 80min show

focusing on our environment entitled 'The Greatest Earth On Show'. This included training

and directing 300 children aged between 5 and 11 in circus and theatre in just six weeks!


Made a promotional video for an arts organisation Big hArt. This was screened at

Parliament House, Canberra in the presence of the Australian Prime Minister John Howard.


Performed a series of slack wire acts in Singapore.


Produced video reels for actors and models.


On the casting database of the internationally renowned Cirque Du Soleil.


Made a video assisted by the media study students at De La Salle College Melbourne.

The purpose being to promote the art subjects offered at the school.


Work begins on a new self-supporting slackwire designed by friend Josh Scott. 

This one to be lighter and more compact in its dismantled form.


Travelled with The Itchy Feet Pep Band to Hong Kong where we represented 

Australia in the Chinese New Year Parade.



                         2000  -  2003                             Top



Engaged for 8 months performing 4 character roles in Casino Promotion's 

'Aqueous' Circus Of Wonders at the Reef Hotel Casino Cairns.

The show featured singers, dancers, comedy and aerial acts.


After one day a week for 3 years Josh finished the new self-supporting slackwire.

It looks fantastic! I'm a long way from a rope between trees.


Designed and created the Wobbly Wire web site in conjunction with Vincent Management.


Commenced touring schools once again with my solo production 'Train Of Thoughts', 

featuring the new slackwire and a new set.


Further developed my circus workshops for schools and community projects.


Continued working as artistic director and Drum Major Angelo in The Itchy Feet Pep Band 
with performance highlights being the Melbourne International Flower Show, 
and the Sensational Adelaide Police Tattoo.


Designed logos for businesses.


Designed promotional colour brochure outlining routines & characters.


Promotion of Wobbly Wire Productions incorporating performances and characters

at the Showbiz and Entertainment Expo - Melbourne.


Performed as a puppeteer in the Melbourne Arts Festival production Knot @ Home by 
Australian writer Scott Rankin. The production by Big hArt  involved well 
known actor Kerry Armstrong together with street kids, indigenous people and 
refugees from such places as East Timor and Afghanistan.



Another Adelaide International Police Tattoo involving my character 'Angelo' the Drum Major
with The Itchy Feet Pep Band. Some new and different routines were created especially for this event.
One of these featured 'Angelo' rolling along on the top of a bass drum twirling hoops while the drum was being played.

                                2004  -  2005                            Top

The comedy marching band The Itchy Feet Pep make their second trip to Hong Kong
for the Chinese New Year celebrations. This time we performed in a night parade
which was televised to millions of people across Asia and many other countries.

Itchy Feet also appears at several other festivals and events including the
Bendigo Easter Festival where we have a huge following of fans.

More school performances of 'Train of Thoughts' in various States of Australia.
These include Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia.

Created a new Artist in Resident production entitled 'See Saw' a playground in balance.
This was staged simultaneously at two Victorian Primary Schools in Gippsland. I directed
over 300 students, and in just 3 weeks the production was presented in two different
venues with two different casts of students. A combination of circus and theatre skills were
used to make the show come to life. The concept was based on the idea we cannot see-saw
alone and in order to keep things balanced we must always consider those around us.
The show proved to be very successful with teachers, students, parents and the wider community.

Learning more about the art of digital video editing and design using Photo Shop, Final Cut
and other software in the World of Apple Mac. Gradually applying my art skills from early former
school days into today's world of the computer to help market and present my performing skills.

The Itchy Feet Pep Band leave on another trip to Asia. This time to China for an International Cultural Festival
in the City of Kunming in the middle of the Province of Yunnan. Performed as part of a Stadium Spectacular Event,
Stage Shows on the street, a parade and a performance at a historical site called The Stone Forest.

Another revised production of my Artist in Residency show entitled ' See Saw' a playground in balance for a
school in Adelaide, South Australia. Once again very successful outcomes and a great experience for all involved.

Three appearances at Adelaide Festival Centre's Space Theatre performing my production 'Train of Thoughts'.

School Tours once again to various States of Australia including another trip to
Western Australia visiting such places as Busselton, Bunbury, Perth and Geraldton.

Toured Tassie for Seniors Week sponsored and organised by the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania. My show 'Train of thoughts'
about an old vaudevillian who only has his memories to cling on to, was an ideal setting for the old and the young to meet.
The show was staged at schools during the day and community performances in the evening.

Working on a new character and original music for the slackwire act.
Created especially for corporate events and international artistic cabaret, circus productions.



To be continued ....