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Easter 2006 

Performed as character Nelligan in the Australian Federation Tattoo Production in Bendigo. The Federation Tattoo featured mainly marching bands and a small mix of other styles of entertainment. 

Nelligan appeared before the show amongst people in the foyer and in the auditorium as people took their seats. Nelligan acted in a warm up the audience capacity, then later appeared two other times in the show. 

Wherever Nelligan went he carted his Tenor Horn hoping he would be able to play it in a band. Being an old vaudevillian he desperately wanted to be part of the show.

See Character page for Nelligan's description

Nelligan was next seen wandering in on an all girl Danish Marching Band called Greve Pigegarde. Together the Band and Nelligan combined comedy with music, which added so much to the overall program. It was fantastic to work with Greve Pigegarde. I was able to create a few new routines for Nelligan to perform within their  performance. Later in the Tattoo Nelligan wandered out as a busker played a sax. This soon developed into a Slack Wire Act with a 6 piece band playing live original music especially written by Craig Bryant. 

Many years ago I played a Tenor Horn in the Salvation Army, so I thought it would be great to play a solo on the Slack Wire. This worked out very well, giving the act a new look. The original music was very effective taking the audience back into the vaudeville days. Overall the experience was very fulfilling. As a performer this production gave me some wonderful opportunities to try some new routines. 

Western Australia School Tour May to June 2006 

This the 3rd year in a row performing my school production ‘Train of Thoughts’ in the West. For 2 months I’m travelling by road hundreds of kilometres seeing the great outdoors of Australia. Visiting many schools in Perth and down south of the State. I’m also stopping off in the Port Lincoln area in South Australia on the way back to Melbourne. So far the tour is going very well receiving great feedback from the teachers and students. 

Itchy Feet Pep Band (comedy marching band) performing at the Perth Agricultural Show September 30th to October 7th featuring my character Angelo the drum major.

As the months roll on, no doubt there will be more news to follow. Stay tuned.


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