(Excerpts from actual letters)





Peter Gray was recently employed by Casino Promotions in

the production of  'Aqueous - Circus of Wonders', staged at

The Reef Hotel Casino, Cairns, QLD, for sell out and

extended eight month season.


 During this time, Peter displayed a charismatic charm in the various

humorous characters he portrayed through 'mime' in our show.

With his dancy moves, intricate balance and agility on the slackwire,

he dazzled and entertained audiences from all over the world.


 We found Peter to be an exceptional and polished performer.

He was punctual, mature, honest, loyal, committed to his work

and reliable. He had excellent communication and organization skills,

a great sense of humour, positive attitude and likeable personality.


 We have no hesitation to recommend Peter Gray for any job that

requires a true professional at his craft, especially as a slackwire artist.


 Nina Randall-Director - Casino Promotions





Peter's characterisations enthralled the capacity audiences

which he drew to every Piazza performance.


Whether as the little old man playing the spoons and balancing on a

rolling board, his brilliant slackwire act or the wobbly bike routine,

Peter captured the hearts of young and old alike.


I was particularly impressed by the presentation of Peter's skills and the great

attention to detail. Juggling, balancing, slackwire and audience participation,

combined with his many other skills were presented in an extremely well 

choreographed, entertaining routine.


Apart from the total professionalism of Peter's work, he was pleasant to

work with and able to adapt his shows to any type of situation which arose.

I have no hesitation in recommending Peter Gray as an asset to any

entertainment program requiring expertise and professionalism.


David Hamilton - Piazza Producer  



Peter is a talented imaginative and creative performer who sets high standards

for himself and those around him and the result is always a successful show.


Unlike any other mime act, juggler or wire walker, Peter offers a unique style of 

entertainment where his various characters and their situations are tastefully 

blended with his many circus skills.


Peter combines the razzle dazzle of the 

feat performed with the emotional tug of the mime story told.


Peter Gray is a thorough professional in every way, extremely talented and

very experienced in many forms of entertainment. His performances were

extremely popular with our audiences and were always punctuated with 

vigorous bursts of spontaneous laughter and applause.


Several of his routines involve people he has selected from the audience and

I was always impressed by the tasteful way in which he was able to involve

the participants without stripping them of their dignity.


Vincent Lopes - Director.




Peter thank you for contributing so much to the success of  World Expo, 

and for adding to the reputation for professionalism of the Entertainment Division.


Ric Birch - Director of Entertainment.




Peter Gray has worked closely with us over the past three years.

He is seen at his best when performing his mime and clown routines. 

I recently saw Peter performing in a benefit concert and he literally 

brought the house down.


Jim Cranfield  - Tour Manager.




Regarding World Expo Audition


About many of the performers is a diffidence, an apologetic air as

they admit to uncertainty about what the judges might want to see.

Then comes Peter Gray, or rather his alter ego - Angelo the band leader.

He marches in with moustache rampant and splendid white uniform,

all buttons and braid.. To Mullins he presents an envelope endorsed


Important. To whom it may concern. Top Secret.


Inside is a hand written note: "Good morning. The name's Angelo

and my intention is to lead your 60 piece band in the parade.

Of course I could perform other duties if otherwise absolutely necessary.

On your command I'll commence. Over and out, Angelo".


Well fine, but what now Angelo?


Silence, Angelo does not speak. He hands over a tape which is hurried

upstairs to a sound system. Meanwhile Angelo waits, as impassive as a

Buckingham Palace guard. The martial music begins and Angelo is

away: marching, turning on the spot, twirling his ornamental mace,

smirking at his own dexterity, winking cheekily. Behind him, always in

step is his ghostly band, but they never take the spotlight from Angelo.

It is an extraordinary performance, the character and timing never faltering.

The judges can barely hide their excitement. "With the marching band

he would be a blow-out," says Mullins, "I think we've made a discovery". 


Alan Attwood - Time Australia Magazine.




Peter Gray is an accomplished and professional performer in the field of

'silent entertainment'. His work is subtle and innovative while sustaining a

charm that engages a variety of audiences. I particularly admire the sensitivity

of his mime and the variety of roles which he has developed through his art.


It was my pleasure to work closely with Peter as he performed for several thousand 

people in the Sidney Myer Music Bowl sponsored by the Victorian Ministry for the Arts 

in association with channel 10 television broadcasting station.


In all of my dealings with Peter Gray, he has shown himself  

to be a responsible and professional performer.


Betty Pounder - Producer and Choreographer.




Peter your willingness to become involved in projects 

dealing with different groups was fantastic.


Each of your performances over the six month period were wonderful and

certainly well received by our audiences. I'm well aware of the following 

you developed over the months, and it is a credit to such a professional to

have maintained the enormous energy levels required.


 To have survived the full run is a feat in itself. 


Mary-Clare Power - Amphitheatre Producer.



Your old man character gave a touch of humanity to the street entertainment.

The public were enthralled and found the charming old man as he wandered,

challenged them to tricks and generally entertained. 


My staff and I received many favourable comments from the general public.


Barbara Absolon - Walkways Producer.