Games I played as a child, eg. balancing a broom on my hand, or rolling on a log, appear to be quite foreign to most children of today. When it comes to enthusiasm, they are still children, and can't wait to have a go, but once they start, I realise that basic co-ordination skills are missing. The sort of skills that children once naturally displayed are fading as we continue to be cushioned by the comforts of technology.

When I look back in my career, I'm so glad I was eleven before our family had television, because I honestly believe if I was born into a TV world I would not have the skills I have today. What steered me in a purposeful direction was the ability to imagine a character or situation, place myself in the picture, and go about creating the reality. For instance, a career in the performing arts began from playing a game.
I imagined balancing on a tight wire high in the circus tent. In reality, I was in the backyard only half a metre off the ground, and the wire was slack, however I still pretended not realising my body was actually discovering the art of balance!

It's a strange thought when I think that my career actually started as a result of playing games. From this experience I learned that imagination was a great start to becoming and being. In my workshops I don't necessarily expect to churn out circus performers, but I do remind people that living can be a whole lot of fun, if we use our imagination!

Participants explore

Circus, Character, Comedy, Music, Mime, Movement

Along the way two words are discovered starting with 'P'

Patience and Practice

When these words are turned into action, they experience the

World's Greatest Medicine - Applause !

A pat on the back, or an encouraging word e.g.. "Well Done!" helps us all feel much

better and in turn contributes to the health of the community.



Workshops are presented as fun for everyone.

Out of this comes Co-ordination, Health, Fitness 

  and most importantly, Self-esteem. 

Workshops from prep to yr 12
& special workshops designed for drama students


Workshops are available for a variety of groups, for example: holiday resorts,
theatre companies, churches, youth clubs, elderly citizen clubs, fitness centres


Circus Equipment Provided

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